About Us

MEDeal Generic Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading Generic Medicine & Franchisee distribution company with ISO 9001 – 2015 Certification .

We started our journey in 2016 with sole aim of providing quality and affordable medicines to needy people of our country

Currently , we are operating in Maharashtra , Chhattisgarh ,  and Madhya Pradesh and looking to spread our network all over India by 2022.

India is largest drug manufacturer and exporter globally. Generic drug account for around 75% of the Indian Pharmaceutical market by volume , as well as most of the drug protection in the country.


What lies in our Future?

Apart from being a multi-awarded drugstore, MEDeal Generic Pharmacy will also introduce innovations at the store for its customers.

The company is launching a mobile application and loyalty programme which aims to provide special perks and privileges to its clients. With no constraints of following traditional ways of doing business, MEDeal Generic Pharmacy has continued to innovate further in collaboration with other companies and institutions. MEDeal Generic Pharmacy targeting the low-income segment.

This service allows individuals to open a personal savings account at accredited MEDeal Generic Pharmacy outlets, as well as perform cash-in and cash-out transactions.
MEDeal Generic Pharmacy has decided to establish its own store and franchise across PAN INDIA. Aiming to open 10,000 +  outlets .

Social Responsibility

Along with providing quality Generic Medicines at affordable cost, customer satisfaction is the major social cause of our business. Due to the high cost of medicines, it has become impossible for some sections of the population to afford even normal medication, which sometimes become fatal for patients. So, to avoid such cases we provide Generic Medicines which are 30% to 70% less than the branded cost.

Job / Business Opportunities with Genericart Medicine

Company has generated 10,000 employment through the franchise model directly or indirectly. In the coming year the company is planning to establish its own stores across PAN INDIA. We invite experienced people from sales to boost the business. We have more than 700 openings for District Head business profiles and we required more than 1000 pharmacists from different states.

Franchise Model

We have a different franchise model with us, COCO- If you have a space and want to start business with us. Here company will establish all the shops on their own and will make you a partner in business. FOCO- If you want to become a business partner with us then you can opt this model. Here the entire investment is done by the shop owner and the shop will be managed by the company or shop owner can invest half amount and half will be done by the company.