Why Generic Medicine Store?

  • Generic Medicine Store is the future of India.
  • People save 30% to 70%  money by purchasing generic medicines .
  • It is a reliable , futuristic and time tasted business model.
  • Govt. is also encouraging to promote and buy generic medicine as India is a developing country.
  • Simple and easy procedure and low investment to open generic medicine shop.
  • There is no need to be pharmacist to open generic medicine shop(owner need to keep pharmacist as employee).
  • Increasing awarness about generic medicine in people of India.



Branded Vs Generic Medicine


  • Exact same dosage
  • Works the same
  • Is used in the same way
  • Monitored by the manufacturer
  • Equal Strength
  • Same testing standards
  • Exact same active ingredients
  • Complies with the same standards of quality , safety and efficacy


  • Size , shape , color and packaging may differ
  • May contain different inactive ingredients like colouring , startches , sugar , flavourants and preservatives